[Haskell-cafe] Why Haskell is beautiful to the novice

Donn Cave donn at avvanta.com
Sun Aug 30 01:29:52 UTC 2015

quoth JK <jerzy.karczmarczuk at unicaen.fr>
> Anyway this threads degenerates a bit, and begins to contain statements 
> I find dubious, or too restricted, e.g.,
>>  A beginning student doesn't need to learn OOP in
>> any kind of depth.
> I suspect that the author of this phrase was not yet born when I began 
> to teach programming...  Now, I would never dare to declare what a 
> beginning student *really needs*.

Then at least, you don't disagree!  FYI, I was already 4 when Lisp was
invented, so computer programming pedagogy when I was born - that must
have been a dry job, my hat is off to fellows like you!

> ... Programming is a kind of art, a 
> fragment of culture, a vision of the world, and the Pursuit of Happiness 
> is different for different people. Linguists (or historians, etc.) may 
> *begin* with logic/relational programming, biologists with objects, and 
> mathematically-oriented yougsters, with FP.
> Or not.

Is it a stretch, to hope that they will find beauty in it?


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