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*Top picks:*

   - Gabriel Gonzalez evaluates Haskell
   <https://github.com/Gabriel439/post-rfc/blob/master/sotu.md> in the
   style of a State-of-the-Union address. He rates Haskell from Immature to
   Mature to Best-in-class under 28 headings, the first four being
   *Compilers,* *Server-side web programming,* *Scripting / Command-line
   applications,* and *Numerical programming.* He also recommends libraries
   and tutorials under each heading. Reverberations on Hacker News
   <https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10071535> and /r/haskell

   - Challenged over claims of FP productivity improvement, Douglas M.
   Auclair rattles off success stories from his previous work
   at various subsidiaries of the US Federal Gov fending for the taxpayer to
   the tune of billions of dollars. Nibbles of interest on Hacker News

   - Aaron Wolf goes from zero programming directly to Haskell and writes
   of his experience.
   <https://snowdrift.coop/p/snowdrift/blog/technical-history> His favorite
   learning resource is the Haskell Wikibook
   <https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Haskell>, which he can improve as he
   reads. He is co-founder of Snowdrift.coop, a crowdfunding platform for
   freely-licensed works <https://snowdrift.coop/p/snowdrift/w/en/about>.
   The Haskell Reddit
   finds Aaron's testimony a change from the "Haskell is too hard for me" meme.

   - The season of introspection continues. On the heels of Hu, Hughes, and
   Wang on "How Functional Programming Mattered" (see previous HWN
   Michael Green, Kathleen Fisher, and David Walker
   <http://tmpl.weaselhat.com/> track the ebb and flow of research topics
   in the conference proceedings of the Big Four: Principles of PL (POPL), PL
   Design and Implementation (PLDI), International Conference on FP (ICFP);
   and OOP, Systems, Languages, Apps (OOPSLA). No mention of Haskell but if
   you're looking for a brief history of PL research -- the slides are even
   more succinct
   <http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/ralf.hinze/WG2.8/33/slides/Kathleen.pdf> -- this
   is the only data-driven survey you'll find.

   - Doug Beardsley
   reminds us that date-based version inference cannot replace the role of
   explicit version upper bounds. The reason? The package developer might not
   be using the latest version of its dependencies on the day they publish the
   work. Also, among the 72 comments of the /r/haskell convo
   Doug observes that Stackage over-conservatively locks to a single version,
   whereas community-wide adherence to the Package Versioning Policy (PVP)
   of original hackage <https://wiki.haskell.org/Package_versioning_policy>
   yields seamless delivery of bugfixes and improvements.

   - In less than a week, Xmonad will lose its issue tracking system. On
   Aug 24, Google Code goes read-only
   Community heroes Brandon Allbery and Daniel Wagner
   work at grabbing a backup of the issues. Still no consensus over what and
   where to migrate to.

   - Mark Dominus <http://blog.plover.com/aliens/dd/> delves into the bits
   and bytes of the 1999 Cosmic Call
   <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_Call> attempt by astrophysicists to
   contact aliens. He shows the visual bitmaps transmitted into space. Brent
   writes to say he enjoys the 23-part series interspersed with little puzzles.

*Quotes of the Week:*

   - Doug McIlroy
   Conditional compilation is admitting defeat.

   - /u/kamatsu
   I feel like the reason people find Haskell an eye-opening experience is
   because their CS education was deficient.

   - @wfaler <https://twitter.com/wfaler/status/631815511949615104>: Is
   there a club to join when you silently sob at having to give your Monad
   Transformers Monad Transformers? Sounds a lot like #EnterpriseFP

-- Kim-Ee
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