[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 324

Semen Trygubenko / Семен Тригубенко semen at trygub.com
Thu Apr 9 22:59:36 UTC 2015


    How to Sell Excellence by Michael Church

    Slides for presentation given at Chicago Haskell Meetup.
    Author urges us not to write arbitrary code as reasoning about
    arbitrary code is mathematically impossible, argues that code
    quality is determined by what people do and not by what language
    enables (which puts functional programming and Haskell at the
    top), links code entropy to deadline culture (a.k.a. "Agile"),
    explains why we suck at selling functional programming and has
    a decent go at selling Haskell himself.





    Reflex: Practical Functional Reactive Programming

    FRP talk and an awesome FRP demo.





    Necessity/utility of dependent types?

    A comprehensive response by tel with explanations of how to expose
    invariants at type level and how to relate invariants of two


    How is the error function implemented in Haskell?

    A comprehensive reply by Tikhon Jelvis.
    "Semantically, error results in ⊥ ("bottom") just like an infinite
    loop, it just happens to be better-behaved in a practical sense
    and easier to debug."


    Why are we naming types instead of instances when we have
    multiple instances per type?

    "Type classes only work really well when they are coherent, so
    there can only be one per type." (bss03)



Quotes of the Week

    "The best way to move Haskell forward is to build something
    important like opaleye, wreq, haskellonheroku, pipes, cloud
    haskell or yesod and then sell that instead; write some amazing
    documentation and tell as many people as you can... And then
    probably try very, very hard to get a job at one of these
    newfangled startups that use Haskell :)" (rehno-lindeque)


    "The reason Haskell is great is because its systematic
    faithfulness to mathematical abstractions, and as soon as you
    start talking about math, the masses leave the room."


    "productivity is impossible to measure (the idea that it can be
    measured brought us that "Agile"/Scrum shit that I hate more than
    the worst-designed programming language)" (michaelochurch)


    "why doesn't anyone ever explain that natural transformations make
    a tent shape?" (chrisamaphone)


    "Haskell is _fast as hell_." (Michael O. Church)

    "Haskell crushes imprecision of thought." (Michael O. Church)

    "Clojure is beautiful. Python is easy to learn. These are fine
    languages! But they lack a feature (compile-time typing) that I'd
    demand if I were building out a 5000+ LoC project … Haskell isn't
    the only functional programming language. … but Haskell is the
    only major language whose type system can verify the lack of side
    effects." (Michael O. Church)


    "Monads are just burritos, man. Burritos ain't scary.
    http://chrisdone.com/posts/monads-are-burritos" (kyllo)


    "Coq has no backdoors as far as I'm aware. In fact, I don't
    believe it has any doors at all." (tactics)


    "haskell is like pizza. Even when it's bad it's still good."

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