[Haskell-cafe] Haskell software engineering master thesis

Jon Kristensen info at jonkri.com
Fri Oct 17 10:07:41 UTC 2014

Hi, everyone!

I'm about to write a software engineering/management master thesis at the
IT University of Gothenburg, and I'm considering to do research into the
Haskell world. It should probably be in one of the following five fields:
empirical software engineering, requirements engineering, software
architecture, model-driven engineering or quality management. The focus
should probably be more towards an empirical study, rather than something
more computer science-related. It should also add to general body of
knowledge, and not be too tied to, for example, a specific implementation.

Does anyone have any suggestions of relevant topics that I could write
about, or perhaps some related papers that I could read?


Warm regards,
Jon Kristensen
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