[Haskell-cafe] ANN: FunGEn game engine 0.4.6 released, now on github

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Thu Oct 9 16:54:08 UTC 2014

FunGEn 0.4.3 was uninstallable from hackage for a long time (and no-one 
noticed). Now, thanks to gelisam's bug report and some further cleanup 
work, I'm happy to announce that FunGEn 0.4.6 is available! I've also 
moved it from darcs hub to github.

FunGEn (Functional Game Engine) is a BSD-licensed, cross-platform, 
OpenGL/GLUT-based, non-FRP game engine/framework written in Haskell. 
Created by Andre Furtado in 2002, it's the oldest Haskell game engine, 
and with very few dependencies and two example games, it's one of the 
easiest ways to get started with Haskell game development. It provides:

- Initialization, updating, removing, rendering and grouping routines
   for game objects
- Definition of a game background (or map), including texture-based
   maps and tile maps
- Reading and interpretation of the player's keyboard and mouse input
- Collision detection
- Time-based functions and predefined game actions
- Loading and displaying of 24-bit bitmap files
- Some debugging and game performance evaluation facilities

If you'd like to take over this package and run with it, or co-maintain, 
contact me.


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