[Haskell-cafe] llvm is generating invalid instructions (problem with autovectorization?)

Brandon Allbery allbery.b at gmail.com
Thu May 22 02:30:07 UTC 2014

On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 10:06 PM, Mike Izbicki <mike at izbicki.me> wrote:

> Geoffrey:  After a quick google of binutils, it's not obvious to me what
> role it plays in the compilation process or how I would find out if it
> supports sarxq?

The assembler comes from binutils on Linux.

Carter:  It's on linux (centos); gcc version is 4.4.7.  Why is gcc even
> getting involved in this process?  I didn't think ghc used it at all
> anymore.

I think that was slightly confused; on OS X, the assembler is provided by
Apple in the same package (Xcode command line tools) as gcc, although it's
not part of gcc as such. (Apple doesn't use binutils, as its Mach-O object
support tends to be out of date or broken.) I don't *think* gcc is involved
with building stuff with -llvm.

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