[Haskell-cafe] TemplateHaskell forces manual declaration ordering?

Michael Alan Dorman mdorman at ironicdesign.com
Wed May 21 11:37:37 UTC 2014

"edwardsbenj at gmail.com" <edwards.benj at gmail.com> writes:

> I was making the naive assumption that if OP didn't know about it then
> it wasn't prominent. That perhaps was a little hasty. There is a
> discussion of this very thing in the official user guide. First
> section, 7.16.1. Syntax.

I'm assuming you're referring to the subsection that begins:

 * The type environment seen by reify includes all the top-level
   declaration up to the end of the immediately preceding declaration
   group, but no more.

So I'll just note that the text you refer to---which does, as you note,
lay out those limitations---is new with 7.8, and I was using the docs
for the compiler version I'm using, 7.6.3.


Perhaps it would have made sense to consult the latest docs, but then it
also refers to typed TH expression and other things that don't exist in
7.6.3. :)


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