[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Developer - Job Opening - New York, NY

Ryan Trinkle ryan at skedge.me
Mon May 19 14:40:12 UTC 2014

skedge.me is seeking a Haskell developer to improve and maintain our
Snap-based web application stack.

skedge.me is committed to using the best tool for the job throughout our
software stack.  That includes a mixture of cutting-edge tools like Haskell
and the Nix package manager as well as tried-and-true products like
PostgreSQL and Linux.  Your role will be to find, use, and create tools
like these to build a robust and powerful software platform to serve our
clients' needs.

This job requires that you be able to hit the ground running with Haskell.
 As part of your application, please submit a small to medium sized code
sample (approximately 100 to 1000 lines) demonstrating your ability to
write clear, concise, and efficient Haskell code, together with a brief
English explanation of what the code does, how it works, and how to build
and run it.

Your Haskell code is our primary consideration in reviewing your
application.  However, experience with PostgreSQL, Linux, NixOS, web server
programming, Varnish, AWS or other similar technologies is a plus.  It is
also a plus if you are local to the NYC area, as our offices are located in

To apply, please email me your resume and code sample at ryan at skedge.me.

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