[Haskell-cafe] Object oriented haskell.

silvio silvio.frischi at gmail.com
Fri May 16 11:54:32 UTC 2014

> For the person WRITING the code, this is a pain in the backside.
> For the person READING the code, it is great blessing.

Acutely, I think dot notation is great to read.

> In Java, foo.size() could literally do ANYTHING.
> In Smalltalk, "x value" might be simply extracting a slot from
> an object or it might be invoking an arbitrarily complex operation
> with arbitrary side effects or (in at least one Smalltalk) it might
> be a special kind of synchronisation, and it's not hard to end up
> in situations where all three are in play.

I don't see how a polymorphic (.) changes anything. If the output type
which is decided by the input types is 'IO a' then it can do anything if
it is not IO then it can't. Just like in any other Haskell function.

I concede that doku is something I yet have to think about. But that's
just a question of representing the info that is already there in a
readable way.


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