[Haskell-cafe] Best Actor system?

Alois Cochard alois.cochard at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 12:21:35 UTC 2014

I have good experience with actors (Scala/Akka), and I can tell you that
you should avoid them as much as possible.
I think the model is good if you need to do some low level concurrency
coding on a language that don't have effect tracking in types.

Having used the Async library from Marlow, I highly recommend it... and it
probably cover a big percentage of traditional concurrency use cases.

You still have Haskell Cloud if you want distributed messaging.


On 27 March 2014 06:29, james <james at mansionfamily.plus.com> wrote:

> Having been introduced to actors by looking at Erlang, I discovered Akka.
> It seems that the performance is pretty impressive and I like the model.
> There seem to be several basic Actor libraries in Hackage, but they don't
> seem
> to be very actively developed.
> I'm more interested in the model for programming within a single runtime
> than I am for distributed systems, but message and dispatch performance
> definitely is important.
> Can anyone share experiences with the different packages?  Is any one
> of them stand-out?
> Thanks
> James
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