[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] haskintex - Haskell code inside a LaTeX document, now with IO!

Daniel Díaz Casanueva dhelta.diaz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 13:46:27 UTC 2014

Hello haskellers.

Good news for the users of haskintex. This release opens new possibilities
and solves some frustrations we had in the past.

For those who don't know what haskintex is, here is an overview. Haskintex
is a program that reads a LaTeX file and evaluates Haskell expressions
contained in some specific commands and environments. For example, if you
save the file "foo.htex" with:

-- foo.htex
I have \evalhaskell{2+3} fingers in my right hand.

...and run "haskintex foo", you will get the following output:

I have \verb`5` fingers in my right hand.

Just as you expected. If you want to know more details, visit the haskintex
site at:


What is new in this release?

We have added two new features:

* \iohatex{t}, where t :: IO LaTeX.

It works exactly as the \hatex command does, but it expects an input of
type IO LaTeX. This means you can perform IO computations now!

* \begin{haskellpragmas}...\end{haskellpragmas}

This will allow to include pragmas in the temporal Haskell module.

In addition to these two features, a new flag can be passed to the program:
-debug. It writes down in a file the representation of the input that
haskintex uses internally. It can be useful in those cases that you are not
getting the output you expect.

And that's it for now. The code didn't grow much (and I want it to stay
small) but I think possibilities have grown substantially. If you want to
give it try, run "cabal update" followed by "cabal install haskintex".

Good luck,
Daniel Díaz.
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