[Haskell-cafe] Yi project proposal for GSOC 2014

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Mon Mar 17 21:10:11 UTC 2014

> We are not discussing here what tool is the best and try to mandate 
> everyone to use it. We are discussing how to efficiently use the scarce 
> development resources (time, money) for the benefit of haskell community.

Well, in the end the proposals will be voted over.  Less general
proposals are likely to get fewer votes.

> The consensus is already there. It is obvious the demand for such tool is 
> high, hence many (failed) attempts. Failed because of the lack of resources 
> and coordination.

Say what?  I'm not familiar with the others, but Emacs and haskell-mode
and ghc-mode and darcsum works pretty well for me - I'd certainly not
call them failures.

(Of course, I would rather see somebody spending GSoC working on them,
but I accept that other people prefer other systems.  But while I'm at
it, some things I might like to see would be:

  - quickcheck/flymake support, so that funcitons with failing unit
    tests are highlighted automatically
  - code coverage highlighting in buffer
  - org-mode-like folding and refiling 
  - automatic import/export list management
  - perhaps easy navigation between source and core?

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