[Haskell-cafe] Changes to cabal-install

Amy de Buitléir amy at nualeargais.ie
Fri Mar 14 16:03:09 UTC 2014

I have a couple of questions about the latest cabal-install release, and I
haven't been able to find the release notes (checked GitHub, the Haskell.org
wiki, googled, etc.) Here's what I'm running:

amy at wombat$ cabal --version
cabal-install version
using version of the Cabal library

Question 1
Until recently, the command

    cabal install --enable-tests

used to build and run the tests. Now it seems I need to do

    cabal test

which then compiles the tests and runs them. So is the --enable-tests flag
doing anything, or is it now obsolete?

Question 2
With my project, I do, in order:

1. cabal sandbox init --sandbox <directory>
2. cabal install --only-dependencies
3. cabal build --ghc-options=-Werror
4. cabal test

But when I do step 3, I get a strange warning message: "The sandbox was
created after the package was already configured." Huh? Creating the sandbox
was the first thing I did!

If instead, I replace step 3 with

3. cabal install --ghc-options=-Werror

then I don't get the warning message until step 4.

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