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On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 3:27 AM, <joakim at comex.se> wrote:

>  < 00d8c50: 7400 6768 6333 3130 3830 5f30 2e63 0073  t.ghc31080_0.c.s
> ---
> > 00d8c50: 7400 6768 6333 3130 3935 5f30 2e63 0073  t.ghc31095_0.c.s
> So why does the binary differ? Is there a way to compile with ghc and get
> the same binary?

That's a filename symbol in the debug info. Using a deterministic filename
has potential problems, although I note that it's still fairly
deterministic anyway.

A C compile that uses temporary files will also have symbols that change
this way (usually referring to assembler temporary files). There is not a
lot to be done about this, as you're at cross purposes with the system
linker and with people who want to be able to debug programs.

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