[Haskell-cafe] Yi project proposal for GSOC 2014

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Mon Mar 10 16:13:47 UTC 2014

* Mateusz Kowalczyk <fuuzetsu at fuuzetsu.co.uk> [2014-03-10 15:09:49+0000]
> Greetings,
> GSOC 2014 proposal period opens in ~4 hours and I'm hoping to
> participate this year as well. This time around I'd quite like to work
> on Yi. As we did last year, I think it's worthwhile to put up the
> proposals on café for people to comment on before they are submitted on
> Google's site.
> I paste it in full below so that it is easier to respond to parts of it
> (although I do ask that you don't quote the whole thing if it's not
> necessary). In case any changes happen, the most up-to-date version
> should be at https://gist.github.com/Fuuzetsu/9462709
> Please feel free to nitpick on anything, throw in suggestions and ask
> for clarifications. I will give 5 days of discussion period on this
> after which point I'll submit it on Google's site. I appreciate all
> feedback.

From what I've seen, the less uncertainty there is in a GSoC project, the better
it works. For example, the situation in your past GSoC project where it was
decided in the middle that instead of implementing markdown syntax you're going
to do other things is undesirable, IMO.

3 months is a very short time for a research project. (By research I mean not
academic research, but finding a way (or the best way) to do something.)
And here you're basically saying "there are several ways to do that, we'll
figure out what to do as we go".

If, on the other hand, it was already decided what the right architecture for
concurrency in Yi should be, and it was just a matter of someone doing the work,
it would be a good project.

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