[Haskell-cafe] ANN: poppler-0.12.3 is released.

Ian-Woo Kim ianwookim at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 20:41:37 UTC 2014

Hi, Haskellers!

A new version of haskell poppler library is now released.
Poppler is a pdf rendering library, based on xpdf code base. It's
being developed and has quite complete features.

Haskell poppler library is a binding to the native poppler library.
Recently, gtk2hs-0.12.5 was released and we now have support to gtk3.
We also have a great advance of Cabal-1.18, but the previous version
of poppler was not buildable with the new Cabal.

So this version (0.12.3) of poppler is to support gtk2hs-0.12.5 and
Cabal-1.18. By default, poppler is compiled against gtk version 2, but
with -fgtk3 option, one can build poppler with gtk3.

The new version of poppler is available on hackage.

Ian-Woo Kim

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