[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: haste-perch

Alberto G. Corona agocorona at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 14:02:11 UTC 2014


haste-perch defines builder elements (perchs) for Haste.DOM elements that
are appendable, so that dynamic HTML can be created in the client in a
natural way, like textual HTML, but programmatically and with the advantage
of static type checking. It can be ported to other haskell-js compilers.


This program, when compiled with haste:

  main= do
   withElem "idelem" $   build $ do
   div $ do
     div $ do
           p "hello"
           p ! atr "style" "color:red" $   "world"

   return ()

Creates these element:

   <div id= "idelem">  <-- was already in the HTML
            <p> hello </p>
            <p style= "color:red"> world </p>

Since the creation is in the browser, that permit quite dynamic pages for
presentation, and interctive textual (a.k.a "serious") applications and, in
the development of client-side web frameworks using haskell with the haste

See the README in the git repository:


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