[Haskell-cafe] BNFC-meta being maintained? Is there public src repo?

Ki Yung Ahn kyagrd at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 04:33:21 UTC 2014

Dear BNFC-meta developers and users,

I've been using BNFC-meta for the parser of my experimental language Nax 
language implementation ( https://github.com/kyagrd/mininax ). It's very 
cool 'cause you don't need to write makefile or cabal entries to call 
the command line tools (bnfc, alex, happy), and you get quasiquoters for 
free, which really makes the early development pleasant.

But due to the bug fixed in recent versions of BNFC, probably after 
latest BNFC-meta release, I'll have to switch back to using plain BNFC 
at some point. (FYI,the bug is that block comments arn't working).

If there is a source repository that has ported more recent versions of 
BNFC into BNFC-meta, it'll be helpful for people like me. Or, if the 
source repository has open access and easy to participate (e.g., putting 
on github or something like that), we can draw community support 
maintaining BNFC-meta to keep up with the recent BNFC (and also happy 
and alex) versions.

Ki Yung Ahn

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