[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: music-suite 1.7

Hans Höglund hans at hanshoglund.se
Thu Jun 5 02:02:59 UTC 2014

I am pleased to announce the release of Music Suite v1.7.

The Music Suite is a collection of Haskell libraries for composition, analysis and manipulation of music. It is generic enough to handle electronic music and non-Western music theory, as well as most aspects of common music notation. It can read and write many standard representations such as MIDI, MusicXML, Lilypond and ABC notation.

Getting it

Install the Suite from Hackage:

cabal install music-suite

Documentation and examples:


The source code is available on Github:


For bug reports, please use the relevant Github tracker:


For questions, feedback and general discussion, see

music-suite-discuss at googlegroups.com



Some highlights of this release include:

Many new time containers, including more fine-grained versions of Score and Behavior
Better interface for Score, Voice and Chord
Better interface to musical aspects (i.e. parts, pitches, dynamics and articulations) using lenses and traversals
Polymorphic update of musical aspects, so representation can change mid-traversal
Now supports phrase-wise traversals of scores and voices

New SuperCollider backend
Restructuring of backend code in terms of a single class HasBackend
Backend can now be parameterized on container type, rather than just note type
Better notation of dynamics and articulation

For the full notes, see:


Please note that the Suite is quite usable, parts of it are still experimental, and we expect the API to change slightly with every release up to v2.0.0 (think of it as optimistic versioning). If you have any problems with upgrading from a previous version, please post to the group below.


If you are interested in contributing to the Suite, please join the Github organization (see the link above). In addition to code, we appreciate contributions in the form of tutorials, examples or musical compositions. Hopefully we may soon have a showcase of works created with Music Suite, like Diagram's gallery.




Hans Höglund
Composer, conductor and developer

hans [at] hanshoglund.se

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