[Haskell-cafe] what is basic Haskell?

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Thu Jul 24 23:55:57 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 3:44 PM, Johan Larson <johan.g.larson at gmail.com>

> What does a programmer need to know to be proficient in "basic Haskell"?
> For my money, basic programming skills are those that are required to
> write programs for simple tasks in the common idioms of the language.
> This means the practitioner should be able to read input from the
> terminal or files, select/combine/reformat data, and output a result.
> At this point, efficiency isn't really the point; only getting to a
> correct answer without writing anything really weird matters.
> In LYAH, I'd put the boundary at the end of chapter 9, which covers
> the IO monad. At that point the reader has studied functions, lists,
> tuples, types, recursion, higher order functions, four major modules,
> and algebraic data types. Actually, some of the later topics in
> chapter 8 (functors, kinds, recursive data structures) seem more like
> intermediate material.

I won't try to categorize.  Here's a very handy reference:

http://dev.stephendiehl.com/hask/ (What I wish I knew when learning Haskell)
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