[Haskell-cafe] Markov Text Generator & Randomness

Vo Minh Thu noteed at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 13:20:15 UTC 2014

Just a note: in the first "where" clause in `generate`, you don't need
to pass around the `db` variable (it is visible to the "where"

I never used that `RVar` monad, but I guess that every time you run
`rword` you might get a different result. So in your `go` function,
once you have executed `word <- rword`, you should not pass `rword`
down the `draw` function, but instead, say, `return word`.

2014-07-24 14:24 GMT+02:00 Charles-Pierre Astolfi <cpa at crans.org>:
>>     "The old man looked from his glass across the square, then over at the waiters."
> You're embarrassingly right! But then, "those the" definitely never
> appears, altough it does in my generated text.
>> Otherwise my cursory look turned up no bugs.
> Unfortunately there is :(
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> Cp
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