[Haskell-cafe] Obtaining kind of a HsType

Alejandro Serrano Mena trupill at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 17:51:50 UTC 2014

Is it very difficult to convert from HsType to Type?

Thanks for the information!

2014-07-20 18:17 GMT+02:00 Richard Eisenberg <eir at cis.upenn.edu>:

> Hi Alejandro,
> It sounds like you want tc_infer_lhs_type from TcHsType. This function is
> not exported, but you can look around at other functions in that module to
> see if there's an exported one that serves your needs. You may need to
> convert the HsType to a Type (Type is the same as TcType, roughly) and then
> call typeKind.
> I hope this helps!
> Richard
> On Jul 20, 2014, at 8:45 AM, Alejandro Serrano Mena <trupill at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Dear Haskell-café,
> I'm trying to get some information of the kinds of types in a program. In
> particular, I want to obtain the kinds of arguments to type family
> instances, that is, given:
> type family F a b :: Nat
> type instance F (List k) b = b
> I would like to obtain the kinds of "k" and "b" in the left-hand side of
> the type instance.
> In particular, I'm obtaining type family instance information via
> LTyFamInstEqn [
> http://www.haskell.org/ghc/docs/latest/html/libraries/ghc/HsDecls.html#t:LTyFamInstEqn].
> Inside, I get a list of binders of type HsWithBndrs [LHsType name]. I'm
> assuming each of the LHsTypes inside is a pattern in the type family
> instance. Thus, I'm looking at those elements and try to find their kind
> there.
> Thus, the specific question is: given a HsType, can I obtain its kind
> somehow?
> Thanks in advance
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