[Haskell-cafe] Conduit & state

Toby Goodwin toby at paccrat.org
Fri Jul 18 14:07:24 UTC 2014

Hi Pavel,

>runUnixServer (serverSettings socket) $ \appData ->
> ...
>I  want to store some data in priority queue in Monad.State and be able to
>access it inside the handleBS (now: handleBS :: ByteString -> ByteString).

Funnily enough, I've just been looking at an analogous problem (with
runTCPClient and Persistent).

It seems that in the recent move from conduit-network to conduit-extra, the
run*Client and run*Server functions were specialized to the IO
monad. I don't know what the motivation for this change was (simpler
error messages perhaps?) but it does seem unhelpful.

The workaround I deployed last night was to roll my own runTCPClient'
which merges the code from the (deprecated) conduit-network package and
the (current) streaming-commons, but this is hardly satisfactory. I'm
sure I must be missing something.

(I don't know if there's a better list to discuss conduit.)


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