[Haskell-cafe] Memory consumption issues under heavy network throughput/concurrency loads

Gregory Collins greg at gregorycollins.net
Wed Jul 16 09:49:09 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 3:04 AM, Kazu Yamamoto <kazu at iij.ad.jp> wrote:

> I looked at your code very quickly.
> What happens if you replace "replicateM" and "mapM_" to recursions?
> (Especially I don't trust replicateM in IO.)
> Also, we need to confirm that atomicModifyIORef' does not really leak
> space.

Those functions are only executed once on start (to fork the threads, wait
for them to finish, and to update the connected clients counter
respectively), they cannot account for steady-state memory increase from
the client loop --- the loop just does write + read + threadDelay.

Gregory Collins <greg at gregorycollins.net>
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