[Haskell-cafe] Job opening: further Haskell Developers at Anchor

Andrew Cowie andrew at operationaldynamics.com
Tue Jul 8 06:21:18 UTC 2014

Openings for additional Haskell developers...

About Anchor

Anchor Systems, based in Sydney Australia, has successfully been
providing managed hosting and infrastructure to clients around the world
for almost 15 years. The critical difference in the service we offer our
customers often boils down to providing operations expertise and
infrastructure configuration balancing the short term needs to get a new
installation running with the long term imperatives of security,
scalability, and flexibility.

The engineering department is building the analytics capabilities,
internal systems, cloud infrastructure, deployment tooling, and
operations practices that will be needed to take the company to the next
level. We have every intention of changing the hosting industry to make
developing applications — and operating them at scale — easier for
people facing massive growth.

Haskell is the working language for all internal development, and we're
exploring it for web facing code too. The benefits of type safety,
resilience when refactoring, and stability over time added to the power
of functional programming has already paid dividends. We have a
significant programme of work ahead, and we're looking to add further
capability as we face these challenges. Interested in helping?


You'll need to have demonstrable experience programming in Haskell,
familiarity with open source development practices, and the ability to
tolerate other people refactoring your code.

Exposure to the harsh realities of IT operations and experience of the
thrill of Linux systems administration will stand you in good stead.
Knowledge of the history, progress, and problems in configuration
management will be helpful.

A history of contributing to libraries on Hackage would be relevant.
More relevant would be a track record of working well in the open
(regardless of language or project). Good documentation is as important
as good code (a type signature is not sufficient), and command of
written English is necessary both to collaborate with your peers and to
describe and promote your results.

A Bachelor's in science, engineering, or xenobiology will be well
thought of. Your specific field of study certainly doesn't matter, but
how you use computing to solve problems in your chosen field does. A
degree in engineering will be a distinct asset. An undergraduate degree
in computer science will not be held against you.


If you're interested, send a PDF copy of your CV to
<jobs at anchor.com.au>, along with the URL to your GitHub account. We also
invite you to include a pointer to something that shows you in a good
light: a mailing list thread where you argued a contentious position, a
piece of particularly thorny code in which you found an elegant solution
to a problem, or even an essay or article you've written.

We don't do international relocations (sorry everyone who wants to work
remotely from Hawaii; I want to work remotely from Hawaii too), but we
readily sponsor work visas for new hires should they need one. So
whether you've just moved to Australia or have been here for
generations, give us a shout next time you're in Sydney.


Andrew Frederick Cowie
Head of Engineering
Anchor Systems

201 Elizabeth Street Level 11, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
http://www.anchor.com.au | afcowie at anchor.com.au | +61 2 8296 5133

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