[Haskell-cafe] Proposal: New mailing lists -- haskell-jobs & haskell-academia

Alexander Berntsen alexander at plaimi.net
Thu Jul 3 17:55:22 UTC 2014

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On 03/07/14 16:25, Roman Cheplyaka wrote:
> I doubt all the people who are interested will subscribe to these 
> lists.
I don't have data to argue for or against this.

> Thus people will have to cross-post to those list and haskell-cafe,
>  just like it's happening with haskell at haskell.org right now.
This should be considered frowned upon if this proposal goes through.

> I don't mind seeing occasional job and academic ads here.
For what it's worth: I don't either. I'm actually interested in seeing
what's going on in these circles. But I follow quite a few lists, and
I a lot of the stuff I see on those lists *is* annoying to me. So I
imagine some people, who like me subscribe to a lot of lists, are
annoyed by the ads here.

But really, that is a minor point. The primary advantage is in my
opinion the ability to filter email.

And a point I forgot to make in that regard is for people who *are*
looking for jobs presently. It would be good if they could efficiently
filter these postings.

And another related point is that *I* sure wouldn't mind being able to
get ads in digests, whilst following the café normally.
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