[Haskell-cafe] How to pass a polymorphic function in a record?

Vlatko Basic vlatko.basic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 18:37:55 UTC 2014

Hello Cafe,

I'm playing with Persistent and have modules that I'd like to use on several 
backends. This is simplified situation.

In shared module:

   sqliteRun, postgresRun :: Text -> Int -> (ConnectionPool -> IO a) -> IO a
   sqliteRun          = withSqlitePool
   postgresRun conStr = withPostgresqlPool (encodeUtf8 conStr)

   sqlRun :: Text -> Int -> SqlPersistM a -> IO a
   sqlRun conStr poolSize = postgresRun conStr poolSize . runSqlPersistMPool
   --sqlRun conStr poolSize = sqliteRun conStr poolSize . runSqlPersistMPool
All works well if either 'sqlRun' above is commented/uncommented:

In one of modules:

   data ThingCfg = ThingCfg { thingDb :: Text }

   listThings :: ThingCfg -> IO [Thing]
   listThings db = sqlRun (thingDb db) $ selectList ...
   findThing :: ThingId -> ThingCfg -> IO (Maybe Thing)
   findThing uid db = sqlRun (thingDb db) $ getBy ...

On call site simply:
   let tdb = ThingCfg "test"
   ts <- listThings tdb

I would like to specify 'sqliteRun' or 'postgresRun' function as (some) 
parameter on the call site, but do not know how.
Something of imaginary solution:

   data ThingCfg = ThingCfg {
       thingDb  :: Text,
       thingRun :: SqlPersistM a -> IO a

On call site:
   let tdb = ThingCfg "test" sqliteRun
   ts <- listThings tdb

I want to keep it as an init param because there are other backends (class 
instances) that are not Persistent, so the use of 'sqlRun' on call site is not 
an option.

What would be the best/correct way(s) to achieve that?

Best regards,

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