[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] profiteur: a tool to visualise GHC .prof files

Mateusz Kowalczyk fuuzetsu at fuuzetsu.co.uk
Tue Feb 25 18:29:13 UTC 2014

On 25/02/14 18:00, Jasper Van der Jeugt wrote:
> Hey all,
> I just released the tool profiteur [1]. You can use it to visualise GHC
> `.prof` files in a tree map -- I think this makes looking at huge
> `.prof` files a lot less unwieldy. More information can be found in this
> blogpost [2].
> [1]: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/profiteur
> [2]: http://jaspervdj.be/posts/2014-02-25-profiteur-ghc-prof-visualiser.html
> Peace,
> Jasper
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Great! The way profiling output analysis is now is a huge pain in the
ass. I'm very glad to see that something new is up.

I did want to try it but I can't get it to run: on ghc-20140225, aeson
fails to compile so that doesn't work. I did manage to compile it with
7.6.3 but after trying to run it on a profiling output I had lying
around, it failed with:

/home/shana/programming/yi/yi/yi.prof: Failed reading: takeWith

You can find the file in question at [1] (~1.4MB). I'm most eager to try
this out so it'd be great if you could have a look.

Are there plans to support on-line rendering? I find it very useful to
be able to see the profiling output as the program is running.
Previously I ended up having to periodically (~5 sec) generate the
postscript file and then have the postscript viewer watch it for
changes. It was very cumbersome but it sometimes worked. It'd be great
if your software could do something like this!

Are flags other than -p supported? I know that it's possible to get
different profiling output, such as on size of allocated structures &c.

[1]: http://fuuzetsu.co.uk/misc/yi.prof

Mateusz K.

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