[Haskell-cafe] ANN: LambdaMC: demo Haskell Android app built with the ghc-android tool.

Anthony Mulcahy aemulcahy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 21:00:31 UTC 2014

Announcing LambdaMC: a demo Haskell Android app to calculate option
prices by Monte Carlo simulation built with the ghc-android tool.

Based on the example app at

Functionality is limited, but it may be a useful reference for anybody
developing a Haskell Android app:
- Android Pause / Resume functionality.
- Screen Rotation support.
- Background worker thread updates the UI when the calculation is complete.
- Interaction between various Android UI elements and Haskell code.

Google Play listing:

LambdaMC.hs : Haskell app code
DgAndr.hs : Haskell wrapper for various Android library functions
DgMath.hs : Haskell option pricing code
LambdaMC.java : Minimal Java code to support the main Activity
LicenseActivity.java : Java Activity to display license information
(need to move more code to Haskell-land)

- An Android cross-compiler built with the ghc-android tool at
- The foreign-jni package from https://github.com/neurocyte/foreign-jni
- The Haskell packages base, deepseq, transformers, mtl, text, time

./build_workaround.sh ( to work around the -shared and -r issue
described at https://github.com/neurocyte/android-haskell-activity/issues/3

sudo adb install -r bin/LambdaMC-debug.apk

best regards,
Anthony Mulcahy

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