[Haskell-cafe] Problems using tasty-golden

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at p.lodz.pl
Mon Feb 17 10:20:20 UTC 2014

Thanks for quick reply Roman (and sorry for my slow reply - I was AFK for the weekend).

> That's a plausible explanations. File handles are closed when the
> ValueGetter monad is run. Try to add something like
>   Control.Exception.evaluate $ Control.DeepSeq.force cmpResult
> to your comparison function. 
Yes, that works. I wonder why no one stumbled upon this problem before.

> if your test files are under 'test/' subdirectory of your project's main directory,
> and you want to run the test suite from your project's main directory,
> then your paths must look like "test/...".
Oh, right. I couldn't get this right because I set wrong CWD for the GHC process.

> First off, you don't have to do that (unless you have some special needs
> — if so, what are they?).
No, I don't have any special needs. It's just that my cmp function has to cover all possible 
cases - including when the file loading function returns Left - so I figured out I can handle the 
potential error there and have my own error message. But that's not really necessary, which means 
I can get rid of my custom cgReadFile altogether and use (fmap Right $ vgReadFile path).

Once again thank you.


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