[Haskell-cafe] Ordered JSON objects?

Kyle Marek-Spartz kyle.marek.spartz at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 15:19:46 UTC 2014

That's pedantic and beside the point. The question is not what JSON
supports, but rather how to best represent data which consists of
ordered key-value pairs using JSON.

I'll second the solution of [{"key1": "value"}, {"key2": "value"}].

Richard A. O'Keefe writes:

> On 16/12/2014, at 9:39 pm, Tobias Dammers <tdammers at gmail.com> wrote:
>> No, that's not what I meant. By "ordered", I meant that the in-memory
>> representation of the document should maintain file order.
> You did consult RFC 4627, right?
> Page 1: "An object is an UNORDERED collection of
> zero or more name/value pairs”.
> Or www.json.org?
> Just above the railroad diagram for objects,
> “An object is an UNORDERED SET of name/value pairs.”
> Or RFC 7159?
> Section 1: “An object is an UNORDERED collection of
> zero or more name/value pairs”.
> The new thing in RFC 7159 is
> "JSON parsing libraries have been observed to differ as to whether or not
>  they make the ordering of object members visible to  calling software.
>  Implementations whose behavior does not depend on member ordering will be
>  interoperable in the sense that they will not be affected by these differences.”
> That is, the file order is WITHOUT SIGNIFICANCE.
> If you happen to use a library that preserves that order
> want your software to be interoperable.
> Recall that JSON is explicitly derived from Javascript and
> that a JSON “object” is explicitly (www.json.org)
> "an object, record, struct, dictionary, hash table, keyed list,
> or associative array” so that the *intended* in-memory
> representation for a JSON object is an *unordered* data
> structure.
> So if you depend on the order of the name/value pairs in
> a JSON object, you doing something surpassing strange and
> risky.
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