[Haskell-cafe] Why doesn't text-icu work on 64 bit Windows?

kyra kyrab at mail.ru
Tue Dec 9 11:58:53 UTC 2014

Didn't look into details, so a couple of general advises:

1. On 64-bit platforms gcc and GHC silently link against Visual 
C-created import libraries, but resulting exe segfaults. Import 
libraries should be recreated with native 64-bit dlltool.

2. Perhaps the most important difference between 64-bit Windows and 
Linux ABIs is that "long" is 4-byte on Windows.


On 09-Dec-14 13:52, Yitzchak Gale wrote:
> The text-icu library works fine with a 32 bit build of GHC on
> Windows. But with a 64 bit build of GHC, any use of a function
> from this library causes a segfault. See the issue on github for
> simple instructions for how to reproduce the problem:
> https://github.com/bos/text-icu/issues/12
> As far as we know now, this could be caused by any of the following:
> 1. Some difference in the way ICU builds their DLLs for 64 bit Windows.
> 2. Some difference in the FFI bindings that is needed specifically
> for 64 bit Windows.
> 3. A problem with GHC's linking on 64 bit Windows.
> 4. A problem with Cabal, e.g., some option or flag that needs to be
> passed by default on 64 bit Windows.
> This is an important (and extremely high quality, thanks to
> Bryan O'Sullivan) library for the community, and very important for us,
> so I'm posting about the issue here to raise visibility.
> Any ideas about possible approaches to investigate or eliminate any
> of the above possibilities would be highly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Yitz
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