[Haskell-cafe] Haskell in the "Enterprise"

gonzaw gonzaw308 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 06:04:36 UTC 2014


I've been wondering if there are any plans or projects to bring Haskell to
the "enterprise" ecosystem
An by this I mean allowing applications made in Haskell (and other
languages) to be integrated in a distributed fashion, easily being able to
integrate different systems (DBMSs, web services, etc), etc. For example,
creating an ESB in Haskell to allow easier integration of distributed
We all worked (or know someone who worked) with huge Java/IBM/etc enterprise
systems, and know how clunky the experience was. Being able to include
Haskell in this ecosystem would be so refreshing.

I was also wondering if there is any research going on on how to apply the
mathematical concepts and FP principles behind Haskell to these enterprise
constructs. For instance, how to apply FP and category theory to Enterprise
Application Integration to make scalable, robust and composable systems that
are actually easy to use and discover.
For example, I always had this idea of having "pure Web Services" and
"effectful Web Services" as different protocols that can be used in
different ways depending on the service being provided. Or maybe allowing
functions to be passed as parameters in web services, by defining a small
typed lambda calculus that can be serialized to XML and passed in a SOAP
message (with the appropriate interpreters in the client+server).
The ideas never went beyond that, but they sparked my interest in this sort
of thing.

To start somewhere, are there any Haskell libraries with Web Service
support? Like a WS client tools (SOAP messaging DSL + WSDL import tool)? Or
a haskell library that allows one to provide web services (and maybe provide
the WS-* extensions)?

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