[Haskell-cafe] Haskell developer roles at Standard Chartered

Don Stewart dons00 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 12:02:22 UTC 2014

Hi Cafe,

The Strats team at Standard Chartered is hiring expert typed FP
developers for Haskell dev roles in London.

This is a "front office" finance role - meaning you will work directly
with traders building software to automate and improve their
efficiency. The role is very development focused, and you will use
Haskell for almost all tasks: data analysis, DSLs, market data
publishing, databases, web services, desktop GUIs, large parallel
tasks, quantitative models, solvers, everything. There may be a small
amount of C++ or F# on occasion. This is a fast paced role - code you
write today will be deployed within hours to hundreds of users and has
to work.

You will join an expert team in London, and significant, demonstrable
experience in typed FP (Haskell, OCaml, F# etc) is strongly preferred.
We have more than 2 million lines of Haskell, and our own compiler. In
this context we look for skill and taste in typed API design to
capture and abstract over complex, messy systems.

Experience writing typed APIs to external systems such as databases,
web services, pub/sub platforms is very desirable. We like working
code, so if you have Hackage or github libraries, we want to see them.
We also like StackOverflow answers, blog posts, academic papers, or
other arenas where you can show broad FP ability.

The role requires physical presence on the trading floor in London.
Remote work isn't an option. Ideally you have some project and client
management skills -- you will talk to users, understand their
problems, and then implement and deliver what they really need. No
financial background is required.

If this sounds exciting to you, please send CVs to dons00 at gmail.com

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