[Haskell-cafe] Openings for brilliant Haskell devs for exciting project "as close to a space station as you can get" @ Swedish spinoff, DSLs/safety-critical/embedded software, and more

Johan Glimming j at functor.se
Wed Aug 13 09:28:49 UTC 2014

Dear All,

I’d like to share this exciting job opportunity (formatted text below), as this forum might be right for the very skilled developers we are looking for here. The LinkedIn posting is on the following webpage, e.g. in case the email does not display correctly:

https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140812174919-547525-openings-for-brilliant-haskell-developer-with-e-g-an-exciting-project-as-close-to-a-space-station-as-you-can-get-swedish-spinoff-dsl-s-safety …

Best wishes,
Johan Glimming

@ LinkedIn:  http://se.linkedin.com/in/glimming


Openings for brilliant Haskell devs for exciting project "as close to a space station as you can get" @ Swedish spinoff, DSLs/safety-critical/embedded software, and more

As we grow our business further we look for extraordinary Haskell developers to further strengthen our exceptionally skilled teams in our spinoff and startup Functor Group AB, Kista/Stockholm, Sweden, with subsidiaries.
www.functorgroup.com @functors +FunctorGroups

You would have an impressive background in computer science, with industrial experience and first-class academic education including certainly advanced functional programming. Compiler design skills are valued highly. Experience of static code analysis (tools and/or research) and safety-critical software and embedded software development are all relevant to this startup and spinoff.

You would be part of a team with extraordinary skills and work with other talented individuals which, for those with the right mindset, is extremely rewarding.

It's relevant with skill sets that include AFP, EDSLs, type systems, Martin-Löf type theory, dependent types, formal methods, standard-type static analysis tools (as we offer a new kind that adds dependent types to the abstract interpretation approach), experience from tools form e.g. Coverity, Klocwork, MathWorks,, Spec#, Coq, Agda, Epigram, Twelf or other such tools, LLVM, ANSI / ISO C, MISRA C, software testing, various programming languages and their implementation, domain-specific languages, DDD, language-based programming turned into our emerging method named language-driven development, logical frameworks, meta languages, operational semantics, logic, theorem provers. (Learn more atwww.functor.se.)
You should be able to contribute to very demanding, challenging, creative teamwork as it manifests itself in a pioneering high-tech spinoff.
This all means great responsibility, important contributions to be made, with multiple and varying roles in our highly dynamic work environment where you would be working with other exceptional talents and contribute with your passion for functional programming. You are assumed to share our enthusiasm for and commitment to the new constructive programming paradigm, and recognise the value and great importance of our research foundation, our core technology, being made available in the industry. You would share and nourish our vision for the future of the software industry with the new constructive programming paradigm based on type theory research and the next level of functional programming with EDSL integrated in programming as never done before.

But most important is of course your documented talent and experience in Haskell development at an industrial level as well as great teamwork skills and enthusiasm about relevant technologies, and being aligned with our mission (for which see www.functorgroup.com).

Several of our developers have higher academic degrees such as a PhD in computer science, logic or mathematics, including two of our Research Engineers, who are professors. (and two more in our Advisory Board, both with own spinoffs, plus an extensive network to leading researchers that we work closely with now and in the future).
Your experience may include software development in segments such as safety-critical software and embedded software, hardware modelling, advanced DSL implementation, compiler design and compiler technologies, GPU applications, implementing software testing tools and tools for formal methods.

We do not expect you to have all these listed skills, but we expect you to be exceptionally talented and contribute to the success and further growth of Functor Group and its subsidiaries. We are now in an extremely interesting but demanding phase as a spinoff eg with one extraordinarily high-profile customer. You will be part of that project and other very exciting customer projects where we deploy unmatched new technology that brings a new programming paradigm to the software industry, with customers internationally, and an exciting journey into a future where research progress is finally bring aligned with best-practices also in software engineering in a world where software drives innovation and much of growth, but where our technology opens up for much needed improvements in the way software is being developed, designed and tested.

Mail your application with resumé with references etc to jobs at functor.se. 


Posted by Dr Johan Glimming at Functor Group AB and Functor AB

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