[Haskell-cafe] The Good, the Bad and the GUI

Wojtek Narczyński wojtek at power.com.pl
Tue Aug 12 11:03:28 UTC 2014

On 12.08.2014 11:40, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
>     > The reactive solutions complicates the problem rather than to
>     simplify it. That means that they are not the correct paradigm.
>     That's a very hasty, superficial way to dismiss a whole paradigm!
> Yes!
> I was just trying to be a bit provoking. Sorry.

I would really like to see a complex web form (think Facebook, VAT 
Invoice, Tax forms) done in FRP. The harsh reality is that FRP for GUIs 
still has to prove that its utility reaches beyond the game of Pong.

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