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Wojtek Narczyński wojtek at power.com.pl
Fri Aug 1 23:30:23 UTC 2014

On 01.08.2014 12:04, Tobias Florek wrote:
> just a note, that that's what sebastian schinzel's "Deterministic and
> Unpredictable delay padding" is about. see the talk (i linked to 
> earlier):
> talk from sebastian schnitzler on 29c3:
> http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2012/29c3-5044-en-time_is_not_on_your_side_h264.html 
> slides:
>  http://sebastian-schinzel.de/29c3/download/29c3-schinzel.pdf
> abstract:
>  http://sebastian-schinzel.de/_download/cosade-2011-extended-abstract.pdf
I just realized that the unifying framework for countermeasures of any 
resource based attacks (time, electricity, heat, radiation) is MaxEnt. 
Constant time is trivially MaxEnt. If you can't do constant time, go for 
uniform distribution over a number of predefined times. If you can't do 
that, from the space of possible distributions, choose the one with 
maximum entropy. So much for the theory.

E.T. Jaynes would be delighted to see his work appear in yet another 


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