[Haskell-cafe] FINAL CALL: Applied Functional Programming (AFP) Summerschool 7-18 July 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands

Johan Jeuring J.T.Jeuring at uu.nl
Mon Apr 28 19:03:56 UTC 2014

One week to go until the registration deadline...

-- Johan Jeuring

>         =========== AFP Summerschool 2014 ===========
> Applied Functional Programming (AFP) Summerschool
> July 7-18, 2014
> Utrecht University, Department of Information and Computing Sciences
> Utrecht, The Netherlands
> Summerschool & registration website: http://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/courses/science/applied-functional-programming-in-haskell
> AFP website with edition 2013 info : http://www.cs.uu.nl/wiki/USCS
> contact                            : Uscs-afp at lists.science.uu.nl
> ***
> The 2014 edition of the Applied Functional Programming (AFP)
> Summerschool in Utrecht, Netherlands will be held from 7-18 July 2014.
> The summerschool teaches Haskell on both beginners and advanced levels
> via lectures and lab exercises. More info can be found via the
> references above, included here is an excerpt from the summerschool
> website:
> ``Typed functional programming in Haskell allows for the development of
> compact programs in minimal time and with maximal guarantees about
> robustness and correctness. The course introduces Haskell as well as its
> theoretical underpinnings such as typed lambda calculus, and
> Damas-Milner type inference. There is ample opportunity to put this all
> in practice during lab sessions.
> Typed functional programming languages allow for the development of
> robust, concise programs in a short amount of time. The key advantages
> are higher-order functions as an abstraction mechanism, and an advanced
> type system for safety and reusability. This course introduces Haskell,
> a state-of-the-art functional programming language, together with some
> of its theoretical background, such as typed lambda calculi, referential
> transparency, Damas-Milner type inference, type level programming, and
> functional design patterns.
> We will combine this with applications of functional programming,
> concentrating on topics such as language processing, building graphical
> user interfaces, networking, databases, and programming for the web. The
> goal of the course is not just to teach the programming language and
> underlying theory, but also to learn about the Haskell community and to
> get hands-on experience by doing lab exercises or a Haskell project of
> your own.''
> ***

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