[Haskell-cafe] Job: Automatic Exploit Generation developer

David Brumley dbrumley at forallsecure.com
Sat Apr 26 17:01:42 UTC 2014

ForAllSecure is a small startup bent on checking the world's software for
exploitable bugs.  We have two open positions, posted at

1) Performing program analysis on binary (x86) code. Our current code base
is in OCaml. The product automatically finds vulnerabilities, and generate
exploits to prove which ones are exploitable.

2) Automatically harden binary (x86) code against vulnerabilities.

As a side project, we've ran our tools on 33,000 Debian programs, and found
about 11,000 new unique crashing bugs (150 give us a shell).

Please consider applying if this sounds exciting.

Take care,

PS. ForAllSecure is a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff. The job is in
Pittsburgh, but we will also consider highly qualified remote candidates.
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