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Ian Ross ian at skybluetrades.net
Tue Apr 22 21:26:45 UTC 2014

Dear all,

This is kind of weird, but it might be of interest to someone and I think
it's within the remit of this list, so here goes.  Sorry to everyone who's
not interested!

I'm looking for someone to take over a contract I've been working on --
I've been offered something better and I won't have the time to carry on
with this thing.  I can't say too much about the details, but it's mostly
GIS and geoprocessing work for a smallish business consulting firm,
probably expanding to some statistical modelling soon.  I've been using
PostGIS with postgresql-simple to do some quite complicated geoprocessing
of OpenStreetMap data for them: much of the Haskell content is really only
using Haskell as a fancy scripting language to run lots of SQL, but there
are a couple of more interesting bits.

Anyone who was going to take this over would need to be a reasonably
proficient Haskeller, know SQL well (including having some idea about query
optimisation), have some familiarity with GIS work (data formats, something
like QGIS or ArcGIS, ideally PostGIS and/or spatial SQL) and be persistent
enough to deal with the places where the OpenStreetMap data isn't all you
might hope.  The client has a large number of sites in different cities
that they're interested in, which means that everything has to be automated
as much as possible, and that often means iterating again and again to
discover geometrical or metadata problems that you need to work around.  It
can be quite frustrating.  What's there now is pretty solid, I think, but
it's quite fragile to changes in the OSM data.

The rate of pay is good, there's enough work to occupy someone full-time,
and the client is OK.  There are the usual on-again-off-again rushes
associated with this sort of business consulting.  The timescale for me
moving on is quite short: 2-3 weeks.  I'll be organising notes and things
for any potential handover, and there's another Haskell person at the
client, so you would have someone to talk things over with.

If you're interested, either get in touch with me if you have questions, or
directly with Chad Scherrer (the Haskeller at the client:
cscherrer at melinae.com).



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