[Haskell-cafe] extension to filter with external program (was: Current status of Mavericks CPP)

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Wed Apr 16 11:37:16 UTC 2014

It's already possible (although I can't tell the exact flag off the top of
my head — look at the GHC docs for details).

* Tobias Florek <haskell at ibotty.net> [2014-04-16 13:29:23+0200]
> hi,
> i may certainly be missing something, as i only used cpp in haskell for
> conditional compilation. having said that:
> i'd like to have (instead of LANGUAGE CPP) the following extension.
> LANGUAGE FilterWithExternalProgram my_cpp
> that would make it possible to use a cpp implementation implemented
> separately from ghc and would leave it to the ecosystem to implement best
> practices (i.e. a haskell implementation of cpp or the proposed declarative
> extension).
> i _guess_ that should also make it easier to use compile-to-haskell programs
> like she. maybe a hypothetical template haskell alternative might also work
> with it.
> regards,
>  tobias florek
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