[Haskell-cafe] Cabal install build of scion-browser 0.2.18 fails when linking Persistent-sqlite1.21

Stephen Taylor stevetnepal at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 23:26:27 CEST 2013

Hi I'm a Haskell newbie. I just installed Haskell on Windows 7 x64 (Haskell
Platform 2013.2.0.0 containing GHC 7.6.3), and have  been using
cabal-install to build/install from Hackage all the "helper executables"
required and/or supported by EclipseFP, the Eclipse Haskell Plugin.

All the helper exe's  installed without any issues, except for one:
scion-browser 0.2.18. All its dependencies seemed to build fine,  and it
built fine up until the near the end of the link phase when the link to
 Persistent-sqlite 1.2.1 failed.  Here is the error message (path
information elided):

.... Loading package persistent-sqlite-1.2.1 ... ghc.exe:
*Unknown PEi386 section name `.drectve'* (while
ghc.exe: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)
(GHC version 7.6.3 for i386-unknown-mingw32):
loadArchive "persistent-sqlite-1.2.1\libHSpersistent-sqlite-1.2.1.a": failed
Failed to install scion-browser-0.2.18

I understand what the message is saying, but I don't know how to go about
resolving it.  I have of course cleaned and retried a few times.  But I get
the same error.

Any and all suggestions on how to resolve or  work around this issue so
that I can provide EclipseFP with a usable scion-browser, would be greatly

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