[Haskell-cafe] cabal: internal error when reading package index

Henk-Jan van Tuyl hjgtuyl at chello.nl
Wed Sep 18 11:23:57 CEST 2013


I was trying to install a package from a local drive and got the following  
   >cabal install
   Resolving dependencies...
   cabal: internal error when reading package index: could not read tar file
   entryThe package index or index cache is probably corrupt. Running cabal
   update might fix it.

Then I tried cabal update:
   >cabal update
   Downloading the latest package list from hackage.haskell.org
   Skipping download: Local and remote files match.
   Note: there is a new version of cabal-install available.
   To upgrade, run: cabal install cabal-install

Trying the command
   cabal install cabal-install
gave the same internal error message as for the first command.

What can I do about this?

Henk-Jan van Tuyl

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