[Haskell-cafe] PSA: do not install xcode 5 if you are using ghc 7.6

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 05:16:32 CEST 2013

Hey everyone,

if you are actively using ghc 7.6 on your mac,
for now please do not install xcode 5.

It will break your ghc install, because 7.6 doesn't  know how to correctly
use Clang for the CPP work. (ghc head / and thus 7.8 will work fine with
xcode 5, thanks to some outstanding work by Austin Seipp, 7.6 does not)

if you do not need xcode 5, and you're actively using ghc 7.6, stay with
xcode 4.6 for now.

if you installed xcode 5 because its there, and now your ghc 7.6 is
occasionally giving you strange errors involving CPP parse failures on
fragments  like "#-}", you should go to the apple developers website,
download, and reinstall the xcode 4.6 CLI tools.

if you need both xcode 5 and ghc in working order *right now, tomorrow*,

a) live on the wildside: test out using ghc head: also means you could play
with ghc-ios too!

b) if you need both in working order now, and stabilish, Darin Morrison has
a set of mac-homebrew taps that should be you use
these taps should be regarded as more "official" and "canonical" than the
formula's that brew provides (the normal brew ones recurrently have
problems induced by folks who aren't haskell devs)

c) wait  a wee bit till 7.8 lands in all its glory, and have both the
freshest of xcodes, and the newest of  awesome ghcs


if you don't  need xcode 5, having xcode 4.6 CLI tools installed will stand
you in good stead.

if you are on os x mavericks, or absolutely need xcode 5 installed, and you
want a ghc thats already released, use darin's brew formulae

Darin and I plan to spend some time next month preparing an unofficial
patched version of ghc 7.6 that should play nice with clang / xcode 5,
though at such a time ghc 7.8 will be in RC status at the very least.


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