[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Cabal v1.18.0 released

Paolo Giarrusso p.giarrusso at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 13:53:09 CEST 2013

On Wednesday, September 4, 2013 11:41:33 PM UTC+2, Yuri de Wit wrote:

> Thanks for all the hard work!
> If you see this in OSX (#1009) while installing cabal 1.18:
> *Warning: could not create a symlink in /Users/lemao/Library/Haskell/bin 
> for*
> *cabal because the file exists there already but is not managed by cabal. 
> You*
> *can create a symlink for this executable manually if you wish. The 
> executable*
> *file has been installed at*
> */Users/user/Library/Haskell/ghc-7.6.3/lib/cabal-install-1.18.0/bin/cabal*
> You will need to manually remove the pre-existing 1.16 links in 
> ~/Library/Haskell/bin before installing again.
Instead of installing again, you can even just recreate the symlink as 
mentioned by the message (if you know how to do that).
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