[Haskell-cafe] haskell-platform problems on (latest) knoppix

Joachim Breitner nomeata at debian.org
Tue Oct 15 22:10:05 UTC 2013


Am Dienstag, den 15.10.2013, 18:04 -0400 schrieb dhw at thedance.net:
> Even though the version of haskell-platform in wheezy/stable
> was from mid-2012, I presumed it would be debugged by now - after all,
> that's
> what "stable" is supposed to mean.  So I hooked it up to the net, and
> entered
>       apt-get install haskell-platform
> After a few seconds, it said that there were broken packages - I think they
> were libglut-dev and libgl-dev - and that it couldn't fix them.

I cannot speak for knoppix, but in plain Debian wheezy, all Haskell
packages are installable; we check this regular using a jenkins jobs:


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