[Haskell-cafe] Lifting IO actions into Applicatives

MigMit miguelimo38
Tue Oct 1 07:25:06 UTC 2013

What about (Compose Form IO) Blog type? Form is Applicative, IO ? the same, their composition should be Applicative as well (one good thing about Applicatives ? they really compose). Take a look at Control.Compose module.

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> 01 ???. 2013 ?., ? 10:58, Michael Snoyman <michael at snoyman.com> ???????(?):
> I'm wondering if anyone's run into this problem before, and if there's a common solution.
> In Yesod, we have applicative forms (based originally on formlets). These forms are instances of Applicative, but not of Monad. Let's consider a situation where we want to get some user input to fill out a blog post datatype, which includes the current time:
> data Blog = Blog Title UTCTime Contents
> myBlogForm :: Form Blog
> myBlogForm = Blog <$> titleForm <*> something <*> contentsForm
> The question is: what goes in something? Its type has to be:
> something :: Form UTCTime
> Ideally, I'd call getCurrentTime. The question is: how do I lift that into a Form? Since Form is only an Applicative, not a Monad, I can't create a MonadIO instance. However, Form is in fact built on top of IO[1]. And it's possible to create a MonadTrans instance for Form, since it's entirely possible to lift actions from the underlying functor/monad into Form. So something can be written as:
> something = lift $ liftIO getCurrentTime
> This works, but is unintuitive. One solution would be to have an ApplicativeIO typeclass and then use liftIOA. My questions here are:
> 1. Has anyone else run into this issue?
> 2. Is there an existing solution out there?
> Michael
> [1] Full crazy definition is at: http://haddocks.fpcomplete.com/fp/7.4.2/20130922-179/yesod-form/Yesod-Form-Types.html#t:AForm
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