[Haskell-cafe] free vs. operational vs. free-operational

oleg at okmij.org oleg at okmij.org
Thu Nov 28 10:30:40 UTC 2013

> Could you please elaborate on the current state of the project?
> Can it be considered stable?
> Where should I look for the uses of extensible effects?

Ben Foppa has already answered most of these questions. I should add
that although there are some improvements to be made (I'm thinking of
a couple), they are either definitely or highly likely will preserve
the existing interface. So, your code will not have to change. For
example, closed type families in the upcoming GHC 7.8 will let us
implement OpenUnions better. The interface shall be preserved, only
the implementation will change.

Most of the new development is writing more examples and more and
better explanations. Recently, for example, I added committed choice
(in Prolog terms, soft-cut) to the Choice effect. I was surprised how
easy it was and how nothing had to be changed. I merely added a new
handler. So, we get another implementation of LogicT, this time in
terms of extensible effects.

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