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Johan Astborg joastbg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 10:40:39 UTC 2013

Dear Haskellers,

I found Haskell and became enlightened for the first time in many years. I
choose to continue on this path, and choose Haskell for my master thesis. I
got some nice ideas from people on the #haskell channel . Altogether, I
have elaborated a topic:

"Evaluating Intel TSX in a MVCC based STM implementation for Haskell"

The idea is to investigate whether the "new" Intel TSX can bring any value
in terms of performance and saftey when implemented in a MVCC based STM to
be used in the Haskell runtime system (GHC). The MVCC based STM using TSX
will be evaluated and compared to the existing implementation, compiled
with the two settings STM_CG_LOCK and STM_FG_LOCKS respectively.

The biggest challange still, is to convince Lund University, LTH, to accept
my own master thesis project. I have to present a detailed synopsis about
the project, for them to choose an examinator and supervisor. As they put
it, the examinator "must have time" and it's up to that person to decide
whether or not this project can be reality.

Feedback on any of these is highly appreciated:

1) Ideas and thoughts about this topic
2) Anyone interested in supervising (mainly formal) the project outside of

Johan Astborg
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