[Haskell-cafe] QuickCheck-like tests with GHC.Generic deriving

Alexander Solla alex.solla at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 06:57:44 UTC 2013

I am looking for a QuickCheck-like test framework which exposes data
generators (like QuickCheck's Arbitrary class) with Generic defaults.

I have seen that SmallCheck's Serial class has Generic defaults, but it
isn't particularly good for my purpose (I'd like to use the generator to
populate deeply nested data types, and SmallCheck's generator requires
computing a few million values before I get any interesting ones)
 Something "random" would be more useful for my purpose.

I know that the plan depends on my vaguely abusing the test-case generator,
but I plan on doing some testing anyway, so I figured I should reuse the

That said, I'd be willing to use any random value type class with
Generic-default instances.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
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